Welcome Statement

The British Council in Nigeria published a groundbreaking report titled “Nigeria the Next Generation Report” in 2010. The report was profound in that it was produced by a task force made up of renowned state actors, representatives of the traditional councils, seasoned technocrats, the academia and institutions including Harvard School of Public Health. Despite all working in independent capacity, the taskforce did not expunge the report of realities permeating the nation’s economic, social and political spheres and its effects on the younger generation.

In the report are key findings that enumerated myriads of challenges facing the youth and, how it conversely underpins the country’s many woes. The report posits that to find a way of pulling the country out of its quagmire, actors must re-calibrate with sustainable approach that ensure young people are guaranteed equal access to economic opportunities through accessible and quality healthcare and education. Great emphasis was also alluded to the fact that “youth not oil” holds the ace for the realization of the country’s full economic potentials. 

Few years after the report was published (precisely in 2014), a mass of forward-thinking young leaders saw the need to amplify the recommendations of the document. It convened a flagship national conference termed Next Generation Nigeria Summit.

Nine years on, Next Generation Summit has brought together the voices of Next Generation leaders, bilateral and multilateral organizations, public and private sector institutions and civil society organizations to renew and reinforce their commitments to achieve Sustainable Development Goals and the country’s ever-evolving economic ambitions.

To this end, #NextGenSummit join effort with other interventionist organizations and ensure tough choices are made on implementing programs that seeks to LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND.       


Thank you!